Precise-calibrated seeds – a fraction with uniform sizes ensuring the best sprouting results has been selected from a batch of seeds. Such an operation ensures uniform plant growth in the field

Washed seeds – after weighing the seeds with physical methods, washing out sprouting inhibitors, the seeds are free of pathogens and ensure uniform plant growth in the soil.

Pre-sprouted seeds – quick-sprouting seeds – pre-sprouting of the seeds in the laboratory reduces the seed sprouting time and ensures quick and uniform plant growth.

Pickled seeds. Chemicals have been selected according to the valid plat protection programme. Pathogens present in the seeds have been taken into consideration and the applied seed pickle is the least toxic for the environment. The applied agents also protect the plants against pathogens from soil. The pickled seeds are covered with a coating to protect the user against harmful impact of pesticides and increasing the seed size.

Pelleted seeds. Pickled seeds with an applied pellet, biocides and surface film. The seeds have been divided into precise screen fractions to adjust their size to the requirements of a greenhouse seeder or a point field seeder. The surface is coated with talc to eliminate friction in the seeder.

We make two sizes of envelopes:

  • micro-envelopes for greenhouse and pneumatic seeders, ranging from 1.2 to 2.5 mm
  • envelopes for mechanical and belt seeders, ranging from 2.5 to 7 mm
The diameter and weight of pelleted seeds increases up to the value given in the table
Species Envelope size in w [mm] Seed wight increase
Broccoli <3,0 ; 4,5> x8
Red beet <4,5 ; 6,0> x6
Onion <3,0 ; 4,0> x7
Cabbage <3,5 ; 4,5> x8
Chinese cabbage <3,50 ; 4,5> x9
Carrot <3,5; 4,5> x16
Cucumber <7> x3
Pepper <4,0 ; 5> x8
Parsnip <5,0 ; 7,0> x20
Tomato <3,5 ; 4,5> x8
Parsley <3,5; 4,5> x16
Leek <3,0 ; 4,0> x7
Radish <3,5 ; 4,5> x3
Lettuce <2,5 ; 3,5> x10
Celery <1,2 ; 2,5> x25

The packaging protects the seeds against getting damp. The information on the packaging covers: quantity of the seeds (number of seeds) or weight of the seeds in kg and fraction in [mm], kinds and quantities of the applied chemicals and toxicity class.

The seeds we offer are the best batches of qualified varieties or varieties supplied by growers, professionally prepared and suitable for point sowing

The offer also covers service pelleting of seeds supplied by growers. The minimum time required to complete the service is ca. 3 days.

NOTE! Keep pelleted seeds out of the reach of children.